The Mighty Mississip


Hello there readers of this blog. My, you look lovely today. The fall colors really bring out your eyes and your ears look adorable and not at all elfin which is what we all want to avoid with ears. Not that I have a problem with elves - some of my favorite fictional characters are elves. In fact, I have Snow Miser's hair right now - like a white, icy helmet on my head. Though, now that I think about it, Snow Miser isn't an elf. He is something else. What is he exactly? Well, now is not the time to dwell on such mysteries. We'll save that for December. By now you have realized that this is one of those know the kind...the rambling post that has no point. I hope you love that kind! You probably don't, though. Luisa hates posts like this - she probably won't even finish reading it and definitely won't log into my blog and fix my typos like she usually does. But, I figure it's better to ramble than remain silent. I think that's in the constitution or something.

So, what have I been up to? I'm sure you don't care but I'm going to tell you anyway. That's why I started a blog in 2006 - to write whatever I want! Power to the people.

One day, I went to St. Paul. I don't usually go to St. Paul because it's across the river. Yes, I do have a modern-day automobile that allows me to cross bridges but it's harder to cross the emotional chasm. But, I had to go to a grocery store over yonder so I packed a lunch and made the 10 minute trek. This is why I know I would have never been part of the Donner Party because I would have been all, "How far?" and "I don't know..." and "Will there be a Starbucks?" I will say this about St. Paul - there are plenty of Starbucks and not a lot of cannibalism.

Anyway, I went to the store and then on the way back I decided to stop on the bridge between Minneapolis and St. Paul and appreciate the fall colors and the Mighty Mississip. That's what we call it here - the Mississip - because we are whimsical like that. It was really windy on the bridge and I was afraid the wind would blow my iPhone out of my hand and then I would have to explain to Luisa why I dropped my iPhone in the Mississip and she would be all, "Why were you hanging over the bridge?!" and I would say, "I WAS LIVING IN THE MOMENT!" and then she would leave me to my thoughts while she ordered me a new phone and - depending on how guilty she made me feel - I would either think "She is the best ever!" or "She's lucky we're not stranded in the Rocky Mountains without food..."

But it all worked out:


In addition to my epic journey to St. Paul, I have been busy putting a new ceiling in my kitchen. Of course, I didn't do it alone because I'm not the home improvement version of Atlas and my arms get tired. But Luisa and I finally took our kitchen ceiling from this:


To this:


Pretty impressive, right? I did have some worries about the nail gun because I would like a more glamorous death than "Shot in the eye by a nail gun while trying to fix a ceiling torn down on an impulse." But nobody shot anybody which is good. We also remembered that we work really well together which is pretty cool after being together 20 years.

I also think this may be my new fashion statement:


It's very handy dyke chic, n'est-ce pas? See how the French makes it seem fancy? Sadly, I had to look up how to spell that French right there. I took five years of French and the only word that ever pops into my head is "fromage." Make of that what you will.

Other than road tripping and ceiling fixing, I have also been recapping Transparent for VillageQ. You should watch the show and read my recaps or skip the show and read my recaps but don't skip my recaps and just watch the show. That would be wrong and I would be sad. Here are the first two recaps:

Transparent Episode 1 Recap: Sounds Like Clitoris

Transparent Episode 2 Recap: You Can't Hate on the Internet

So, I have been writing...just not always here.

I think that's all the rambling for today but, as you can see, my thoughts meander like the Mighty Mississip, except less mighty and watery and full of fish which is good because those qualities are less attractive in a brain.