5 Random Facts about Me

I am going old school here on the blog today because my friend Schmutzie tagged me to write five random facts about myself. Please note that there was no requirement that they be five interesting facts about myself. 1. I have a recurring dream in which I am driving up a very high mountain on a winding road with no guard rails and my car misses a curve, goes off the road and begins to fall. This dream absolutely terrified me for years but I can now control the emotional response of Dream Vikki as she falls.  My dream self now says to herself, "This is a dream. Be calm and breathe."

2. I can snort a cooked spaghetti noodle up my nose and then pull it out of my mouth. I first did this in college with my friend Anthony and have done it a few times since then. I was doing this trick at the very moment Luisa walked into the party where we would later exchange phone numbers.

3. When I was about five years old, I would go outside after rainstorms and put a handful of colorful marbles into a puddle and stare at them. I pretended the marbles were tiny fish and I loved their splashes of color against the gray cement.


4. My two greatest fears growing up were getting pregnant and going to prison. I grew up working class and knew that those two things would ruin my dreams of getting into college and having a better life. My fear of pregnancy is the only reason I'm a gold star lesbian.

The Duck Shirt circa 1986

5. I can and do pinch people with my toes. Hard. I try to use my monkey toes only for good (like picking up objects from the floor to entertain the children) but I do give in to the darker forces from time to time and go for a good pinch. For the record, I only pinch adults. I'm not completely evil.

Now, I have to tag five people and even though I doubt anyone will do it, I am a follower of rules (Bonus fact!) so I am tagging Deborah, Tracy, Galit, Alexandra and Laurie ! C'mon - let's blog like it's 2006!