Let's Talk about Horses

Let's talk about horses and getting back on them because I've heard that's an important thing to do. I have fallen off the blogging horse. Blogging has often served as writing practice for me and the more I do it the more I feel compelled to do it. Conversely, the less I do it the less I want to do it. I can't think of ideas or I think of them and forget them or I think of them and then declare them too ridiculous. But let's be real - this blog has always had a healthy dose of ridiculous. One might even argue that it's built on ridiculous. Maybe I just need to write and not worry about it. Maybe I need to write like no one is reading and then avoid looking at stats that will prove or disprove that hypothesis.

So, I'm going to try. An image and a few words on somedays, longer reflections when they come to me - just something. Anything.

In that spirit of imperfection, I'll share this photograph from the 4th of July...


Zeca is blurry, like a baby Sasquatch in a red shirt. Our friend Augie (in blue) is blurry too as he watches the small fountain he'd just lit. Miguel is in focus and glowing - a fitting description for a kid on his birthday. There is something about this picture that reminds me of my own childhood, of fireworks at night with friends, of being mesmerized by fire and sparks. Maybe childhood is mostly a blur.