100 Days of Pushups

Sarah-Connor_300 I had a thing for Sarah Connor in Terminator 2. There is a scene when she's exhausted and injured and she reloads her shotgun with one arm and my god - I wanted her arms. When I was in my 20's, I thought I might be able to have arms like that, though I must have imagined I would obtain them through sorcery because I never did anything to work towards that goal. I am now a middle-aged mother of two and I have made peace with the fact that I will never have Sarah Connor's arms. But, maybe I could have a little more strength and that's good too, right?

So, when Alexandra mentioned this 100 Day Pushup Challenge thingamabob, I said I'd do it. 100 days of doing pushups - no set goal of how many, just do pushups every day.

Today was Day 1 and I'm left with some questions…all hypothetical, of course.

1. What if you can only do four pushups?

2. What if you collapse on the floor and your cat is so concerned for your well-being that she drags her lazy ass over to sniff at your immobilized body?

3. How many pushups could an out of shape mom do, if an out of shape mom could do pushups?

4. Do you have to touch your nose to the floor for it to count or is it enough to go without a bra and say it counts if anything touches the floor?

5. Could we conquer these pushups instead?


These are important questions with important answers. I will wait for your guidance but until then - one day down, 99 to go.