Peep Week 2014 - Day 7


My first peep movie debuted on this blog in 2009. I had actually shot the footage in 1998 on a Hi8 camera and it took me 11 years to figure out how to digitize and edit it. It was meant to be a one time thing.

And here we are…5 years later.

2009: JAWS

2010: Peeparazzi

2011: Bunniver's Travels

2012: Peepeii

2013: The Dance of the Peeps

The quality has varied over the years and after 2012, I wanted to retire because I didn't believe I could do any better than Peepeii. I took a year off and let the kids go it alone last year and thought I would quietly phase out the Peep Week movie.

But people expect things and I hate to disappoint.

I realized something though. I need to keep it simple if I'm going to keep doing it. So, that's what I did. We built an imperfect set. The kids served as the only grips, moving the people and objects. I took deep breaths when they moved them too much and let go when the camera got bumped. I shot this on my dining room table using only my iPhone 5c and the Stop Motion Studio app. I edited and layered sounds in iMovie.

When it was all done, Zeca said that I was "a little controlling." She's right - I am. But she forgets sometimes that I am a work in progress and I've come a long way. When I finished editing the movie last night, I watched it all the way through and could see the mistakes and ya know what? I didn't care.

We made a movie and the final scene may just be my favorite scene of any movie I've ever made.

I present to you the Peep Week 2014 movie: Peepnado!