Valentines For Rock Stars


Zeca wants to be a rock star someday and she absolutely loves guitars. Every time she has a lesson at her teacher's instrument shop, we know that we'll be there longer than a half hour because she wants to play the guitars and basses and mandolins. She is picky about her clothes but when we are lucky enough to find shirts or pajamas with guitars on them, we know she'll love them. So, when it came time to make valentines for her classmates, I searched for guitars and found a link to a kit from Paper Source with everything you need to make heart guitars. It looked simple so I decided we'd do it ourselves which is good because it looks like the kit is no longer available.

It's a quick and easy valentine made with things we probably everyone has around the house.


  • glue stick
  • construction paper (including black)
  • scissors
  • circle punch (or a steady hand for cutting circles)
  • silver Sharpie


1. Choose a color for your heart, fold the construction paper in half and cut out a heart. We needed 32 valentines so we cut out 32. Funny how that worked out.

2. Punch or cut a small black circle for each valentine. This will be the sound hole of the guitar.

3. Cut strips of black construction paper to serve as the necks of the guitars and then cut small rectangles to serve as headstocks.

4. Glue the circles to the center of the hearts.

5. Glue the rectangles to the top of the black strips and then glue the whole piece to the back of the heart.

6. Use the Sharpie to make 6 dots on the headstock to serve as tuning pegs.

7. Write a personalized message on the back and you're done!

Zeca wrote, "You rock! From Zeca" on the back and then we taped a Tootsie Roll Pop to each one.

Below is our finished product! It was easy and we had a great time doing it together. We always make our valentines but it was fun to do something a little more creative this time around.

You Rock Valentines

Now, all I have to do is find a shoebox for her to decorate! Do you make your own valentines or buy them? Are your kids past the age of class valentines?