Oh Pinterest...

I try to understand Pinterest. I really try. I have created my boards and, though they are few in number, they are up to date and visually appealing. I have upped my game in the image department here on my blog significantly in the past year so that I can be more Pintastic and have found my inner photographer as a result. I have followed people and boards and found adorable pictures of foxes and great ideas for Valentines and quotable quotes from writers I admire. So, yes - I feel that I have put time and effort into understanding the red swirly P.

But, Pinterest clearly doesn't understand me.



While spammers have figured me out and send me emails with advice on how to "please my lady" and "give my woman all the pleasure", Pinterest still thinks I'd be interested in a magnet that says I'm "Prone to crushes on boys in books."

Pinterest, if you are listening, I've never been prone to crushes on boys in books. Never. Not even when I was into boys. If you want to know what I'm interested in, I'll tell you. I like words and kittens and foxes and origami and good writing and good cocktail recipes and did I mention foxes? Yeah, I like those a lot. Send me those pins and I might check them out. You send me any more pins about men and boys because I am a woman and we're gonna have problems.