Minecraft house I know. Who really wants to hear more about my adventures in Minecraft? Your kids bore you with it as it is but I am going to write one more post because...

I get it.

What a difference a day makes. You've read my harrowing tales from the first day and I was about to give up. Every "day" I searched for wool but couldn't find it before having to run back to my house to cower in the dark. When I did finally stumble across a few animals, they were so far from my house that I often ended up lost and then dead and then sad because I'd lost everything I'd collected.

And then I realized what I had to do - I had to leave my cozy little house and build a new house near the animals.

So, when a new "day" dawned, I headed out to try to find my own little promise land and, as the day started to fade, I found it! I had collected wood along the way so that I could build a quick house if and when I found a more hospitable place and so I was ready. I used my best tool, Miguel. "Miguel! Get in here and build me a basic house quick! The sun is setting!" He quickly built a house for me but it was only three blocks high - no time for a roof. Then, he said, "Good luck, mom." I vowed that was the last time I'd ask for help.

The first "night" in my new house I learned that spiders can jump over the walls and kill you inside your house. Repeatedly. It's amazing how many times you can die in a single night. Every time I'd respawn, "HELLO SPIDER STILL IN MY HOUSE!" More death. I fought bravely and a new "day" finally dawned.

And I got to work. I built higher walls and a simple roof. I mined until I hit bedrock like a Flinstone! I made tools and got wool and made a bed.

My favorite sheep. Of course.

Sure, there was the unfortunate incident of digging a hole straight down and not being able to figure out how to get back out and, yes, I had to phone a friend (Thank you, Asher) and when I couldn't even manage to put his advice into practice, Miguel taught me how to jump and throw dirt under myself until I was back at the top.

As I sat in my house in the dark, I realized I was going to have to continue mining even though it's dark and pixellated underground and I knew the likelihood of me getting lost and being one of those people wandering around underground for days was high because I needed coal for torches.

So, I mined and managed to get out with coal and some red stuff I don't know how to use but I made it out and back to my house alive.


With a basic shelter, a bed, tools and animals, life is good and I find myself enjoying it. It is the modern day version of the Oregon Trail but with zombies and giant spiders and I'm starting to think that death by a zombie beats dysentery any day.

Who's going to join me? Let's play!