On Swaying


Early in my life as a parent, I noticed the way I held my babies, the way I would rock back and forth and whispered to them. This isn't something I learned from my own mother, at least not that I remember. I also noticed Luisa doing it and my friends and even strangers in check-out lines in grocery stores. There is a common rhythm to this swaying that we do when soothing someone we love. I reflected on this and what swaying has come to mean in our house and am thrilled that the post is featured on Mamalode today.

Here is an excerpt:

I saw Luisa standing in the pantry staring out the window that was perfectly framing a full moon. She held our daughter against her chest and swayed back and forth and stared out the window, whispering words of comfort like a secret.

These are constants–the moon, the movement of the tides, the instinct to comfort.

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