To the Parents Who Love Snow Days


Last night, as the announcements of school closings began to pour in, I remained optimistic. Our kids go to private school and there is no bus service so they do not have to wait outside on street corners. Our school would not close! I would drive our kids to school as I do every morning! We would not let the cold defeat us!

I was texting with Tracy and Galit at the time.

Vikki: Minneapolis and St. Paul schools just announced they are closed tomorrow due to wind chill.

Tracy: #%&! This is stupid. We live in Minnesota!

Galit: Eagan now closed too.

My translation of Galit's text: Eagan is closed! Snow day! All the fun things!

Then, Galit said, "Let's write open letters to each other about loving/hating school cancellations!"

So, here ya go...


Dear Parent who Likes Snow Days,

I like you. I do. I just don't understand you. You seem like a normal person and then a snow day is called and you are all smiles. I worry that you don't understand how snow days work so I am going to explain them to you.

When school is cancelled, the kids stay home with you.

If your response to this information is still, "Yay!" I am going to assume one of the following:

1. You are being sarcastic.

2. You work outside the home.

3. You have a nanny.

4. You have better meds than I do.

5. The kids have tied you up and are answering for you.

There can be no other explanation. However, in order for us to understand each other, I will explain why my reaction is not "Yay!" but "F@#!":

1. I do not want to be a short order cook.

2. I need to write and cannot write while people cry about broken bands in their Rainbow Looms.

3. I like to go to the bathroom by myself.

4. I feel guilty if I let my kids watch movies or play video games all day but - oh my god - all the talking.

5. I have to share my snacks.

So, I hope you can understand where I'm coming from and, if you can't sympathize because you are busy making hot cocoa for your blanket fort, please…please…can I drop my kids off at your house? Just for the day. Unless school is cancelled again tomorrow.