Maybe Someday


Last week is a blur, the weekend too. So much needed to get done last week that didn't get done and, though I have recovered physically, my mind still seems a bit behind the times. Perhaps, it's that I haven't recovered temporally. There are deadlines and responsibilities and missed details and I keep thinking, "After this, I'll be on top of things." But then I stop and realize that I always think that.

I want the world to slow down a bit for me. Who do I talk to about that?

Tonight, I got into bed and was trying to sleep when I remembered that I hadn't yet blogged today. The goal to blog every day was simply a challenge I gave myself.

I could stop. I could miss one day.

But if I miss one, I know I'll miss others.

So, I got out of bed.

Maybe someday, I'll be on top of things but right now I am not. Right now, I am sitting in my bathroom blogging on my phone while everyone in the house is asleep.