Life Hacks for Kids


It's so boring being a kid (so I hear) and idle hands are the devil's workshop (so they say) which means that life can get pretty interesting around here. The kids were supposed to go back to school tomorrow but school was cancelled because the air temperature will be skin-falling-off-below-zero.

This means we get an extra day of togetherness!

If you have ever wondered what it is really like at the Casa de Fox, I am sharing what can only be called Life Hacks for Kids courtesy of my kids' wacky behavior.

Make a chocolate Lego brick!

Take a piece of aluminum foil and mold it around a Lego brick. Fill the aluminum mold with chocolate chips. Place in microwave until you have your own personal fireworks show in the kitchen! Don't tell your parents. Remove hot metal Lego brick filled with molten chocolate and place in freezer. Forget about it for days. When you finally ask to have it for dessert, plead the fifth when asked how it was made.

Use Pledge as air freshener!

Do you have an inability to tolerate any human smells but you don't have any air freshener? Use "dust stuff" because it smells like lemons and lemons smell so fresh and no one should ever smell anything but lemons ever! Spray Pledge directly into the air so that it falls in a fine mist over everything in the bathroom. Then, watch as your sister and parents slip and slide on the tile in your homemade lemon-scented wonderland!

Play live-action fruit ninja!

Maybe you do martial arts. Maybe you recently won a real katana for selling the most raffle tickets for your dojang. If so, you have everything you need to play real life fruit ninja in your living room! First, make sure that your parents are busy. Second, get your sister to film it so that you can post it on Instagram. Then, take an orange from the pantry and throw it into the air and try to hack it in half with your sword. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Eventually, you may have to settle for laying the orange on the living room floor and hacking it in half. Once you are finished, skedaddle back to your room but leave the halved orange on the radiator so that it can leak orange juice all over the place!

I hope that everyone's winter break was as fun-filled as ours! Now, can we all do an anti-snow/warm-up dance so everyone goes back to school on Tuesday?