Insomnia Monkey Links


I couldn't sleep Sunday night. I don't even know why I couldn't sleep which made it all the more frustrating. Last week, I had trouble sleeping and I knew why - our power had gone out and I was worried about our city outgrowing its infrastructure which is a fancy way of saying that I was worried about the apocalypse. But Sunday night, I just couldn't sleep which meant that by 5 p.m. yesterday, I was exhausted. In an attempt to address this issue, I made myself a double espresso which meant that I was still awake at 2 a.m. this morning. This is a horrible cycle and one that I have fallen victim to in the past. Yes, I am an innocent victim!

Also, my kids were home again today and I didn't have espresso this afternoon which means that I am tired.

I plan to go to bed as soon as I finish typing this. In fact, I may already be asleep. Yeah. Let's go with that so that I don't have to be accountable for this jumble of words.

When I was up last night, I did write a post for VillageQ about some of the crazy stuff my kids did when they were younger which should not be confused with the crazy stuff they did this month.

From Urban myths of parenting at VQ:

Of course, I also thought my kids wouldn’t do those dumb things you hear about, those things that seem like urban myths of parenting.I had to learn the hard way that, sometimes, urban myths begin in truth.

Good for a laugh and there are a couple of good stories in the comments over there.

And with that, I say goodnight.

*This post was edited by a sleep-deprived monkey wearing a blindfold. All typos and grammar errors should be attributed to the monkey. Address concerns and complaints to Geoffrey the Monkey c/o

**The picture accompanying this post is a gratuitous cute kid pic that would have been a great photo for the VillageQ post because of Zeca's mischievous four-year-old smirk. However, Geoffrey was not thorough when searching the archives last night. Dammit Geoffrey.