Happy New Year!


2013 was the Year of Yes for me. It was my year to take small risks (though small risks always feel like big ones to me). I have never been someone to set goals, not that I don't have things I want to do or accomplish, I just don't often articulate those things. There is something so definite and intimidating about declarations. But I did have one goal in 2013 and that was to finish a draft of my manuscript and I did that.

I wonder if there is power in stating what you want to do, like a magical sprinkling of something unknown that leads you forward. I don't know but I find myself thinking of concrete goals for the coming year and wondering with excitement what the year might hold.

A brand new year stretches out before us like a blank notebook waiting for our words and images. Last year was the Year of Yes. What will I put down on it's pages? What will you?