Arctic Fox


As I sat down to blog, my internet went down. I could not connect and I began to panic. My internal monologue went as follows: "Am I going to blow this blog every day goal on January 6th?"

"See! You never finish anything!"

"You could blog from your phone!"

"But I don't want to because I didn't sleep last night and I can't blog on my phone with only one eye open because the keyboard is too small!"


"I am going to crawl into my warm bed..."

And when I crawled into my warm bed, my internet came back up! It was a polar vortex miracle!

So, in honor of this horrible cold snap that we all keep talking about, I am going to give you three haiku as an offering.


no school tomorrow

can togetherness kill you?

i think it just might.


watch boiling water

turn into snow in midair

we are simple folk


the white arctic fox

is my spirit animal

we share the same hair


Stay warm. Stay in bed. That's where the internet works the best.