Olivier Martinez as a young man

Olivier Martinez as a young boy One night last week, Miguel was working on an assignment for French and told me that he needed to use the Googler to do a little research.

He told me that he needed to find a famous French person and dress up as that person the following day.

Clearly, our lectures about planning ahead are really having an impact on him.

Next to the laptop, he had a box of mustaches that his aunt and uncle gave him when they came for our wedding and his plan was to find a French person with a mustache that would match one from his box.

I suggested Louis Pasteur and he was all, "Who was that again?" Luisa explained that his discoveries played a role in the eventual use of penicillin. Miguel shrugged and said, "Yeah, well I am allergic to penicillin."

Apparently, that was enough to eliminate Louis Pasteur from the running.

It became clear that he did not want our input, so, we left him alone to do his research.

Later that night, told me he had it all figured out.

Me: Who are you going to be?

Miguel: Oliver Martinez!'

Me: WHO?

Miguel: Oliver Marinez! He's Halle Berry's fiancé.

Me: That's not even a French name! Are you sure he's even French?

Miguel: Yes. He is a famous French actor. I have memorized some of his lines from a movie and I'm all set.

Me (looking over his shoulder at the computer): First of all, his name is Olivier, not Oliver. Second, he's not really a historical figure.

Miguel: I never said the person had to be a historical figure. You did. Madame said the person just had to be famous.

Me: How did you learn about Olivier?

Miguel: He and Halle Berry's ex-boyfriend got in a big fight!

Yes, my son researches his French assignments by reading tabloids. I'm so proud.

The next morning, He came down the stairs dressed as Olivier Martinez and spouting movie lines in the worst French accent ever. I couldn't stop laughing...and then I noticed his mustache.

Me: Dude. What's on your lip?

Miguel: Stubble.

Me: Please tell me that's not Sharpie.

Miguel: Eet eeez! And zee glasses are for zee paparazzi!

Non-stop laughs here. I think I'll keep him.

I've also got a vlog with Deborah up today at VillageQ in which we talk about what we miss about our kids when we are away. Spoiler alert - I miss the laughs.