20131123-142904.jpg I am currently sitting in the dojang listening to all those who are testing for their black belts. Miguel is testing and is doing his weapon form.

I've tucked myself out of sight but I can hear him announcing his form and making all the appropriate martial artsy yells.

Two years ago, I would have worried about the sword because of his impulsivity but I don't worry now. He is actually beautiful to watch when doing martial arts - graceful yet precise. It's like he becomes a different person, someone more together than the boy who was almost late for the test because he put his gi on inside out. It's been good for him. I try to keep that in mind when the class schedule seems overwhelming.

Two kids in activities means that I have spent most of the afternoon driving between two places - Zeca's soccer practice and Miguel's belt test.

Sometimes, I wonder if they notice these things we do for them.

Do they take is for granted?

I think they do sometimes.

I hate that they do but I must admit that I love that we are so dependable and so supportive that they can take us for granted.

That's a luxury many don't have.

*MoNaBloPoMo: Mobile NaBloPoMo - typed on my phone out of necessity