Pondering God in the Target Parking Lot


We went to Target this afternoon and took our time strolling through the aisles filled with Christmas decorations. We talked about our traditions and our favorite parts of the holiday season. She wondered aloud if there would be a new Peep flavor this season and I compared gingerbread house kits and thought back to all the gingerbread houses we've made. As we got into the car to leave, I mentioned that Chanukah starts tonight and said, "I know." She talked about two of her classmates that celebrate Chanukah and then said, "If we're not Christians, why do we celebrate Christmas?" A very good question.

I explained that both Luisa and were raised as Christians so we grew up with the Christian traditions and still celebrate them because they are part of our culture and connection to the past. Then, she asked me if I believe in God. We've had this conversation before and I am no closer to a clear answer than when she last asked me so I told her I don't know.

Zeca: What do Christians believe?

Me: Well, some conservative Christians believe that God made the Earth and people and all living things.

Zeca: I thought the Big Bang made the Earth.

Me: Well, I may not be sure about God but I do believe in Science.

Zeca: Why does everyone believe that God is a man? God could be a woman.

Me: Why do you think?

Zeca: Because, a long time ago, people thought boys were stronger and could do everything better than girls so they thought God was a man.

Me: I think that's a good theory. If there is a God, I doubt it is a man or a woman. I imagine it would be some kind of force of energy.

Zeca: Yeah. I could see that.

And just like that, the moment was over and talk turned to how delicious her mocha was. I wish I had answers for her but, more often than not, I only have questions. Maybe we'll figure it out together.