Hashtag True Story

Wedding Kid One morning last week, we were running late. The kids had taken longer than usual in the waking-breakfast-teethbrushing-bedmaking marathon and they were rushing to get shoes and jackets on so that we could leave for school. We were almost out the door when Miguel said, "Oh no!" and ran back upstairs. I yelled after him, "We don't have time for 'Oh no!'" and began the usual nagging lecture about how he should make sure his stuff for school is packed the night before or early in the morning before he starts looking at Instagram.

He came running back down the stairs and said, "I forgot to do an assignment that is due today." I sighed my disappointed sigh and he said, "Don't worry - hashtag I will get it done hashtag I will go to college hashtag I will get a good job hashtag totes hashtag law school hashtag aw yeah." Then, he turned to me, wiggled his eyebrows and nodded his head and all I could do was laugh, "Go get in the car!"

In times like those, I am so glad I speak his language. Being a blogger and social media person makes it easier for me to keep up with him. He uses instagram and so do most of his friends. Whether or not they are on Facebook and Twitter and the million other social media platforms, they know all about them through that unique cultural hive mind that seems to connect us all.

Last Saturday, we had to take several things to the venue where our wedding was going to take place. We had a giant cake and more alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Luisa and I had our hands full - literally - with boxes of stuff. Miguel ran to the door to enter the security code. It was four numbers followed by the pound sign. He entered the numbers and then we kept yelling, "Hit the pound sign!" as we fought to keep from dropping everything in our arms. His eyes scanned the security box, fingers hovering. "Hit the pound sign! Come on!" He hesitated and looked back at me. Then, I got it - "Hit the hashtag!"

BOOM! He got it and we were in!

Hashtag digital generation

Hashtag glad I speak hashtag