Kids Are Funny - Part 6

IMG_3648 This is the last installment of the Kids Are Funny Series. Find the others by clicking One, Two, Three, Four and Five.

I have loved these posts so much because they are such good reminders of the laughter my kids bring into my life. It's not easy raising humans. It's tiring and frustrating and, most times, a thankless job.

These funny quotes are like little gifts and documenting them helps me keep the best stuff close to me.

All these were taken from the Twitter from 2013. There have probably been funny things since I did the big archive download because my kids are an endless source of amusement but those will have to wait for another time.

Until then, enjoy the last of the wackiness from Miguel and Zeca...

Luisa: "Take your pillow upstairs." Miguel: "But there are candy wrappers in my pillow case." (2013)

 Zeca "Would you agree that more moms take their kids to the pool than dads?" Miguel "Or maybe all these women are lesbians." (2013)

 Upon losing the championship game, Miguel said, "What a waste of a weekend. Think how much math homework I could have finished." (2013)

Me: "Wake up! I have a surprise for you - SNOW!" Miguel: "I hate that surprise." Zeca: "Oh god." (2013)

In discussing the lack of effort on math homework this week, Miguel said, "I know what I want to be when I grow up - an illusionist!" (2013)

Miguel: "Know what would be awesome? If there were giant cherries that you could eat like apples." (2013)

Miguel: "Think we'll have a woman president in 4 years?" Me: "I hope so. Are you ready?" Miguel: "Who isn't?" (2013)

Miguel: "I love you so much." Me: "I love you too baby." Miguel: "That's nice but I was talking to the cat." (2013)

Me (about Valentine's): "What if your girlfriend liked poetry?" Miguel: "First of all, I would never have a girlfriend that likes poetry..." (2013)

Miguel (waving hand): I have a habit of doing this. Zeca: Why? Miguel: I don't know...jazz hands I guess. (2013)

Miguel: "The girls treat the school hallway like a red carpet runway." Said after standing in front of the mirror messing with his hair. (2013)

"The fact that they think there is even a small chance that megalodons still exist just makes me happy." Zeca loves her some giant sharks. (2013)

"Beavers are gangsters." Zeca has deep thoughts. (2013)

Zeca: "I'll be outside. Call me when my cappuccino is ready." I'm doomed. (2013)

Zeca: "Mom, there is like a million snows outside." (2013)

Zeca: "You know how there is Listen To Your Mother? You could make your own show called Give Me My Phone!" (2013)

Zeca: "Guess what my favorite video game is!" Me: "Sims?" Zeca: "Nope. Cuddling you." (2013)

Zeca (age 7): "Did Neil Armstrong have a brother? It's not that other Armstrong guy who took drugs is it?" (2013)

Me: Who unraveled the toilet paper? This has Zeca written all over it! Zeca: I didn't write my name on it! (2013)