This Is Not Barbados

I took Luisa to the airport this morning because she is heading to Barbados and then Trinidad for the next week. We've all gotten used to the fact that she travels for work and things are hectic when she is gone but we have all learned to make the best of it. When she first took this job, it was much harder. Her trips were often longer and I worked full time and then had to wrangle two young kids and get them to school and all their activities and everything had to be carefully planned. It always seemed like something as simple as a misplaced shoe could throw our whole lives into chaos because the balance was so fragile.

The kids are older now and I work from home so things are much more manageable.

Now, the hardest part of Luisa's travel is making peace with the fact that she is going somewhere that looks like this...


While I am stuck at home where it looks like this...


Well, that and the fact that I just asked the kids what they were doing downstairs and Zeca said, "Miguel is throwing me on the couch!"