Happy Halloween!


I've been missing. Conferences, VillageQ and a wedding have combined with all the other demands of life and kept me away from this place for too long. I don't have a full-time job anymore (and haven't for almost a year now) and I still find myself wondering where the time goes.

It's Halloween. Wasn't it just the 4th of July?

The funny thing about my blogging absence is that I have so much to say, so many things to write about. Perhaps I have too many words and they are all stuck in my head and the part of my brain that still pulses with creativity says, "Write!" and the part that is sluggish and clogged says, "Be patient. You'll have time soon."

But that part is a liar.

Because it's Halloween already and summer is over and the holidays are coming and I have to sit down and let the words out.

The words are coming! They are - tomorrow is November 1 and the beginning of NaBloPoMo and I have done that every year since I started blogging.

So, sit back and get ready. I have a few stories to tell.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. I typed this entire post on my phone. The future is now!

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