Take Note

note What did I do last week when I should have been writing?

Well...I actually wrote again! Weird, right? What is this new trend? I worry that YouTube is going to fail because I have not been watching commercials from the 1980's. How will YouTube survive without me?!

I also went to the TypeA Parent Conference and led a hands-on writing session with Heather King. We had a great time working together and I must say that she was a fabulous roommate as well. She always made sure the shades were drawn so that the sun didn't shine into my face and she made me coffee every morning. I am not even kidding.

The weekend was not without mishaps, however. We did end up at the wrong hotel and have to make our way across town via the MARTA but that just gave us a good story to tell.

Heather put a summary of our session up on her blog and, if writing is your thing, you should go check it out.

This is a very short post and I feel like I should ramble to make it longer and worth your time but rambling wouldn't be worth your time anyway, right? Instead, I'm going to leave you with the image of me and the giant pencil.

Now, you understand why writing is so hard for me. That pencil is heavy.