Kids Are Funny - Part 3

IMG_5660 Yes - I still have more funny/adorable things my kids said from 2011 to share with you.

Yes - the picture of Zeca and Miguel that accompanies this post is from 2011.

Yes - we did enjoy the fact that they were buried in the sand and couldn't move.

It is a damp, gray day here in Minneapolis so I'm taking the funny where I can get it.


Miguel: "When I'm 15 I'm gonna be a cake decorator at Lunds because if you're going to get minimum wage, you might as well have fun." (2011)

Miguel to Zeca: "I think mama is the only joker this family needs." (2011)

Me to Miguel: "Don't argue with us just for sport!" Miguel: "But sports are fun." #firstdayofschool (2011)

Miguel re: the end of vacation - "It's worse than being shot in the leg with an arrow." #dramaking (2011)

Miguel: "Why are there so many Pennsylvania license plates?" Me: "Because we are in Pennsylvania." Miguel: "We are?!" (2011)

Miguel: "Would you like to shut me in this box? I'm going to be the next Houdini." (2011)

Morning quote from Miguel about him and his sister: "We're quite clever but not the best at making good decisions." (2011)

Me: "You need to learn how to untie double knots. I won't always be around to do it." Miguel: "I know. That's why I'm going to have a wife." (2011)

Miguel:"Is it true that poor oral hygiene can lead to heart problems?" Me: "Yes but who told you that?" Miguel: "You." Me:"Well, I am wise." (2011)

Me to Miguel: "Hurry! I have court this morning." Miguel: "What have you done now?" (2011)

Miguel: "Mom, Super Heroes always have slightly curved faces and arrogant smiles." (2011)