Kids Are Funny - Part 2

IMG_5811 I'm hoping to bring a little levity to this Wednesday by posting more of my kids' quotes from Twitter. Apparently,my kids were very funny in 2011 because there were 35  quotes just from that year.

I'm going to spread 2011 over a few posts because I can do that.

Because I'm the boss.

So there.

In 2011, Miguel was 10 and Zeca was 6 and I searched through my pictures from that year to find one to accompany this post. This picture was taken in Obidos, Portugal - one of my favorite places. The window behind them is a couple of feet deep and beyond that is a sheer drop. I asked to take their picture and they both immediately climbed inside the window and started goofing around which freaked me out because I imagined them plummeting to their deaths. I assume this picture was taken after I extricated them from the window. Obviously, they were still goofing around but at least there was a stone wall to keep them from falling.

Keep those little faces in mind as you read some of the best quotes of 2011:

"Recently I've become interested in the exciting art of cheese carving!" - Miguel, age 10 (2011)

Me (aloud to self): "How bad is my hair?" Miguel: "Very bad. It's very messed up." (2011)

Miguel: "That's my hobby - reading trashy tabloids. I really like the People magazine." #fb (2011)

Zeca: "To be a man, you must know your Disney princesses." Miguel: "To be a woman, you must know your superheroes." (2011)

We were talking about pediatricians and Zeca said, "I thought Nicki Minaj was my doctor." (2011)

Playing legos - Zeca: "The mom is eating chicken." Miguel: "No - the mom is ziplining!" (2011)

Miguel said Zeca punched him in the face. We freaked b/c his eyes looked bruised. Later he said, "I just remembered its eye shadow!" (2011)

Miguel just got in the car reeking of garlic. Me: "How much garlic did you eat?!" Miguel: "Just two bulbs." BULBS! (2011)

Miguel: "It's nice to stare at something fuzzy and cute before you plunge into a world or horror." cute=kitten and horror=homework (2011)

Miguel: "What if I made a giant plastic hamster ball and I ran inside it?" #fb (2011)

Me: "Hey now! Sorry is not a game of revenge." Miguel: "Um, mom. It says revenge right on the box." #gamenight (2011)