Good Morning Monday Thingamajig

IMG_3314 The title of this post is the worst because naming things is hard and it's Monday and my brain is sleepy so naming things on a Monday is even harder. Also, I am the worst at SEO (search engine optimization for those who know less than I do which means that I'm probably just spelling it out for myself). But, if anyone ever searches "Good Morning Monday Thingamajig", I am going to be the first thing to come up and, really, isn't that a victory right there? I think it is.

So, this is my new thing I mentioned last week - the thing where I write about “Things I’ve Done This Week When I Should Have Been Writing”. Again, I am the best at naming things!

Last week, I did a lot of writing which is so unlike me. I wrote five blog posts and finished horrible first drafts of two essays for my book. You may be thinking, "Oh Vikki, I'm sure your essay drafts aren't horrible!" and you are very kind and also very wrong.

When I write offline, it is a painful process in which I craft each single word as if I am bringing each one into existence, like the word never existed until I wrote it down. Then, I wander around lamenting my inability to write and annoy every single person in my real life and my online life. It's one of my most (least) charming characteristics. I also get really crabby which is the icing on the charm cake.

What I learned from this self-imposed two draft deadline is that I need to just write things down and then revise and stop being a jerk.

Despite my productivity, I did manage to do some other things...

1. I went to the gym and, as I walked briskly around the track listening to my "Ballin'" playlist, I decided that I should quit writing my book even though it's almost finished. I decided to scrap the project and write a novel!

2. I changed my mind about scrapping my book.

3. Instead of writing, I submitted a picture of my writing space to Where Bloggers Blog. Not pictured: Momo who often lays at my feet.

4. Laurie made me watch videos of famous people singing on Sesame Street. Muppets and Dave Matthews - two of my least favorite things. Lest you think I'm totally heartless, I do have a weak spot for Cookie Monster. I watched the Johnny Cash video because I love Johnny Cash but he was singing with Oscar the Grouch who always makes me sad. Why is Oscar so angry?

5. I also read a book! I started and finished "Where'd You Go, Bernadette?" which was originally recommended to me by Deborah and then again by my former work-wife, Kristin, who graciously loaned me her copy. Everyone should read it - it's hilarious and is the only book to date that Kristin and I have both liked. Remarkable!

6. Last but certainly not least, I had planned to do some writing on Saturday night but instead had dinner with friends. We ate soup made in a cauldron in the back yard. This seems noteworthy, don't you think? How often do you eat soup from a cauldron? It was delicious and very cauldrony.

That's it! Reading, writing and cauldrons! All in a week's work.