Announcing Monday

Up Popped A Fox Mug I am supposed to write about all the things I did last week when I should have been writing but the weird thing is that I actually spent the week writing and I don't know how/why this is happening but if it could happen for a few more weeks then I would be done with the first draft of my book and I would like that because I am really good at starting things and less good at finishing things.


Sometimes, I like to write in run on sentences and sometimes I like to write in fragments. I am a word rebel.

You know what I also like to do? I like to analyze things that don't really  need to be analyzed. That's fun!

So, why am I finally writing? Maybe it's because Susan and I are setting Twitter goals almost every day. Maybe it's because I'm in a group with some great writers and we are trying to be accountable to each other. Maybe it's because Laurie said to me, "You just have to write everything like that post about Zeca's guitar." and I knew that but now am better at remembering it. Maybe because Deborah is willing to listen to me ramble about wildflowers and perfectionism and self-doubt. Maybe it's because Luisa does the laundry and the grocery shopping and, when I freak about getting a "real job", she says that writing is my job. Maybe, I have just finally realized that finishing this book is right there, so close.

I know that "why" doesn't really matter but I think about it anyway. So, when I'm not writing, I am thinking about writing - the why and the how. Though I can't answer those questions with much certainty, there are things I know...

I have only two more essay drafts to go and I know what they need to say. I just have to put the thoughts and words on the page.

What did I do this week when I could have (not should have) been writing? Well...

I went to soccer games and I baked banana chocolate chip muffins. I talked on the phone with friends. We started planning our wedding. I helped with homework and ran a forgotten lunch to school. I drank coffee with a cat in my lap. I read and I slept. And I'm not perfect...I did watch clips of Orange Is The New Black on YouTube and tweet and spend a little bit too much time on Facebook.

So, I have nothing to show you. I have no YouTube wormholes to share. But, maybe...just maybe...I'll have a book to show you someday.