A New Plan

Guys and Notecards I like blogging and I want to blog and yet I am an inconsistent blogger.

That sentence is like "blah blah blah" but with "blog blog blog". I have digressed already! Anyway...

I am going to try something new - a loose editorial plan calendar idea thing. Doesn't that sound exciting?! And nebulous?! Don't you think people should use the word "nebulous" more often?!

Last Spring, I did a few posts called TIDTWWISHBW which stood for "Things I’ve Done This Week When I Should Have Been Writing". Obviously, I am horrible at naming things but I want to bring that long string of letters back as a regular thing because I see a lot of fun and interesting things online when I am procrastinating!

Speaking of procrastinating, the little guys in this post's picture are trying to keep me on task. And failing. Also, those note cards are my book chapters which is exciting in the abstract. Whenever I see those cards, I think "My book! How exciting!" and then I have to write the essays that are outlined on those notecards and I think, "YouTube! Internet!"

So, in that spirit, I want to show you the spoils from last week's procrastination...

1. What does the fox say?


2. Lin tweeted me a link to Kai Fagerstrom's work, specifically the series "The House in the Woods".  Kai is a Finnish photographer and the shots of animals in this abandoned house in the woods are striking. Keep an eye out for the fox!

3. And last but not least (or maybe I should say "lost but not least"), I took a stroll down memory lane with this video. Funny that I never noticed how horrible the special effects were while I was eating Count Chocula and watching Saturday morning cartoons.


Now you have a few things to check out to help you with your procrastination this week! I am always thinking of you.