IMG_3121 I had a story about Miguel to go with this picture but I forgot it because that's how it goes these days. I didn't write it down and then I forgot because I'm tired and all I could do was dream about a world in which I could sit on the couch drinking a latte without feeling like I should be engaging my children.

I can tell you the story was funny and the wit was all him. It had something to do with a late movie and bedtime and he was hilarious and I loved him more than usual in that moment.

Of course, this picture was taken just about a half hour before the funny story I can't remember and he was funny then too. We were shopping for the last few things he needs for his junior high trip and he needed sunglasses and we were at Target and he had to try on all the sunglasses and I was all "OH MY GOD CAN YOU PLEASE PICK A PAIR SO I DON'T DIE HERE" and he was all "OH MY GOD I LOOK AWESOME IN ALL OF THEM AND I HAVE A MILLION LITTLE JOKES TO MAKE WHILE LOOKING AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR!"

So we went spent a bunch of minutes (my brain is currently incapable of specifics) in the sunglass aisle and then he put on this pair with bling and put on a bunch of chains and said, "Mom! Take my picture! I'm making fun of the Biebs." I took his picture obviously even though two other women in the sunglass section were staring at us like we were crazy and I wanted to say, "Maybe we are crazy but he's kinda funny so you should respect, yo." But I would never say anything to anyone who was judging me. Well, I would if they said something mean to one of my kids but hopefully, if I did speak up, I wouldn't finish the sentence with "yo." Unless maybe I said "Froyo" but why would I say that to someone who was being mean to one of my kids.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Target.

So, he finally picked out a pair of red and black sunglasses that are mirrored and look absolutely ridiculous and then we had to get a swimshirt and he was outraged because he doesn't want to wear a swimshirt when he goes to the Gulf of Mexico and I was all, "WHY?" and he was all, "Mom, have you seen these abs? Why would I hide them?" and I said, "Sunburn" and he said, "Fine. Buy the shirt and if I burn, I'll cover these up but I won't if I don't have to." And I laughed and wondered how I ended up with a kid who is a total jock and has great abs when I couldn't even do the flexed arm hang in elementary school.

We got the swim shirt and then we got a few other things and then we had to get snacks for the trip and he wanted weird things to hide in his back pack like freeze dried strawberries and beef jerky and I said, "But we're supposed to buy snacks to share with everyone and you're not supposed to hoard your own snacks in your backpack!" and he said "Mom, don't worry. You shouldn't have to buy snacks for everyone - what if snacks you bought ended up going to one of my arch enemies?" and I said "You shouldn't have arch enemies! Where is your generosity of spirit?!" and then the old woman in the dried fruit aisle laughed hysterically at us and then went to buy cheese balls.

We compromised and bought secret snacks and snacks for everyone.

Then, we got coffee and listened to K'Naan on the way home and that's when World War Z came up and we had the hilarious conversation that I can't remember but I know you would have loved it.

Well, this post didn't go as expected. Maybe we were all better off when I the blog lay dormant.