So Many Things!

IMG_2910I'm going to BlogHer tomorrow and I have an enormous list of things to do and I have checked many things off and even checked off some that weren't even on the list like "put bra on backwards" and "notice I only have sock tan lines on one leg". So productive!

One of the things on my list is to blog because I believe it's important to actually blog before you go to a conference to speak about blogging.  I know I haven't written much here lately - it's because my kids are making me crazy and I've been writing at Autostraddle and I've put in a kabillion hours to help bring VillageQ to life!

Check out the new site and give our Facebook page a look and a like. I made a wee little mistake in setting it up and we lost 439 "likes" and I hope to get them back through my charm and good looks. Likey likey?


Tomorrow, I head to my 4th BlogHer conference.

The first time I was terrified and got lost in Central Park.

The second time I spoke on a panel and also realized what I enjoy most about blogging.

Last year, I read at Voices of the Year and had the best time to date.

This year, I'll be speaking once again. I'll be presenting on "The Anatomy of a Story" and I can't wait to talk about bones. My favorite has always been the scapula. Such a great word! Scapula scapula scapula! To honor me, please use scapula in at least one conversation today.

In addition to speaking, I'll be walking the cat walk in the BlogHer Fashion Show.

I'm not kidding.

There is a chance that my invitation to model was a mistake but it's too late now - they are stuck with me! My measurements have been sent. My fitting is scheduled.

If I trip and fall or flash my crotch a roomful of bloggers, I won't come away with my dignity but at least I'll have a good story. I do so love a good story.

This conference always inspires me to blog more so watch out - I'll be writing more soon!

Now I have to pack.

Chicago or bust! Chicago and bust!