Revisiting What Is Yet To Come

2013familydayToday is Blogging for LGBT Famlies Day and I should have something fabulous to share, right? I mean...the whole LGBT parenting thing is what has made me all my millions. And yet, I have nothing new today.

My thoughts today:

1. It was so great seeing my old friends this weekend! 2. Last week of school. Someone hold me. 3. I'm going to make a Google doc! 4. I ate too much hummus.

So, rather than let the day pass with nothing, I am posting and excerpt of one of my favorite posts I've written for Lesbian Family:

It’s easy when they are small to keep them safe. You grab tiny hands before they get shocked. It’s easy to answer their questions because their questions are simple, requests that you can grant or things with concrete explanations.

“Yes, you can have a piece of candy.”

“A frog starts out as a tadpole.”

As they get older, you can try to keep them safe but you can’t keep them from getting hurt and the dangers they face are less often about bumps and bruises and more often about the doubts and fears and insecurities that find their way into fragile souls. The questions become more complex and I find that I don’t always have answers or the answers I do have are not at all comforting.

“When I get to high school and meet a girl I like, do you think that having two moms could hurt my chances with her?”

We are far beyond candy and tadpoles.

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