Mish Mash

IMG_2176I am still alive. The peeps didn't kill me though they came close which is why I haven't written since the end of peep week. All is as well as can be excepted when you live in a state that keeps getting winter storm warnings in April and the sun has dropped you like a clingy girlfriend, changed its phone number and moved with no forwarding address.

I haven't been blogging because I have been working on my book. I have actually been writing (not tracking sharks and watching YouTube videos) and I notice that, when I am doing that, I am not here to entertain you.

I thought about posting some of the writing I have done that will not make it into the current essay I am working on but it would have no context and then what if I changed my mind and wanted to use it?! All of the surprise would be ruined.

So, you aren't getting anything but rambling today.

Well, you get the rambling and the cute picture of my kids looking like the accountants for the Academy Awards! I did write a post about learning to tie a tie that I am sure will warm the cockles of your heart...if you have cockles...or can stand to say the word cockles. I think I have personally hit my cockles limit, though I just said cockles again. And now again. The cockles are very persistent in being included here.

How about I give you something else in addition to the rambling and cute picture? I'll offer you a funny little Miguel anecdote about an exchange we had while he was working on an essay.

Miguel: "How do you spell 'revisualizing'? The computer has no suggestions."

Me: "Well that's because it is not a word."

Miguel: "Then 'recall' it is!"

Hmmm. Maybe you had to be there.

This blog post is going so well. I am breaking about 39 rules of blogging right now, especially the one about providing good content.

I think I should just end this now before I embarrass myself further and go back to work on my essay which is not about rambling or cockles but probably does need some revisualizing.

I will leave you with a picture of Momo because cute kids and cute cats are always popular on the internet, right? It's in the rules of blogging right under the one that says, "Don't blog unless you have something to say" which I am clearly ignoring today.