Peep Week 2013 - The End

peep2013We made it! We have reached the finish line!

We are victorious!

I am delirious.

After last year's epic peep movie, I realized that I needed to take a break and then I thought about passing the peep torch (that sounds delicious!) to the next generation.

Obviously, my kids have been around for all the peep shenanigans over the years and peep fever runs in their veins so they were happy to take on the movie this year.

They spent their Easter morning making this little film and it is all them - start to finish. (Not Pictured: The Bickering).

I am so proud of them and love them so much for taking this on and giving me a little peep filmmaking vacation.

I present "Dance of the Peeps" by Miguel and Zeca...

To show my gratitude for their efforts, I granted them one wish and their wish was to see how many of the cast they could fit in their mouths. So here is a bonus video!

Happy Peep Week!