Peep Week 2013 Day 6

peep2013When I was doing my Peep Week research, I ran across a recipe for peep infused vodka and thought, "That's disgusting! I must try it!" This must be the year for it because people started posting peep vodka recipes all over my Facebook timeline. So, I'm glad I did it because it makes me appear very cutting edge. I used this recipe for the vodka (yes, it's a wikihow - don't judge) and then adapted a recipe for a s'more martini from SheKnows.

I did not take video of the vodka-making because there wasn't much to do. I did document the process in photographs which you can check out on my blog Facebook page. If you haven't, maybe you could "like" my page while you are there. I am also going to post a couple of outtakes...maybe not today but soon.

I'd promise you vodka in exchange for your "like" but you can't ship alcohol. Such a sad fact of life. The pictures are pretty cool though, especially if you like seeing a bunch of floating peep eyes.

The video below is of me doing a shot of vodka and making a cocktail.

Let's have a few disclaimers, shall we?

1. I look like hell because I had been in bed reading and didn't want to drink vodka. Luisa suggested that I do it today after lunch and I couldn't bear the thought of midday peep vodka drinking. So, I dragged myself out of bed in sweatpants and hoodie and no bra and with two chin zits (peep week has wrought havoc on my complexion) and drank vodka.

2. Who needs another disclaimer when the one above is so amazing?