Peep Week 2013 Day 4

peep2013Oh...I am weary. My stomach is full of chocolate and peeps (and maybe a few jelly beans - also nachos). I was about to say that today's treat gave me a stomach ache but, as I recount my stomach contents, I don't think it's fair to blame the peeps. Today, we made molten chocolate lava peep cakes. I'm not certain about the order of those words but have been immobilized by the chocolate lava so cannot move to go look up the proper name of the recipe. I took the recipe from this book once again.

The video is really long. I'm sorry about that. Think of it as a cooking show because the kids are pretty adorable and I couldn't cut any of the footage. Actually, I did cut the section in which Miguel was carrying chocolate chips to the stove and I was all "Please don't drop them but I know you're gonna drop them!" and he was all, "You have so little faith in me and maybe you should do this yourself and also you owe me allowance." It was just too long.

So yes, this is like a little cooking and tasting show. If you just want to skip to the tasting, that part starts around 5:03.

Miguel had a point about the appearance. Guess which ones are ours?



The other thing I will say is that neither child finished theirs because it was so rich. I finished mine...and I regret it.

Bon appétit!