Peep Week 2013!

peep2013Welcome to Peep Week 2013! We have been working on Peep Week for about...two days. Yes, we are a little bit behind this year but we shall persevere! We shall flyeth by the seats of our pantseths!

This year, there is added excitement as the Peeps are celebrating their 60th Anniversary! They are so excited and have been partying into the night - I've had to go downstairs on numerous occasions and tell them to be quiet and stay out of the liquor cabinet. Peeps! Imps! Pimps! Wait - no.

From my extensive research, I have found that there are two new Peep products this year and one of those is the 60th Anniversary Peep.

To kick off Peep Week, I assembled a panel of taste-testers to try it out!

So, our judges were split and unhappy that I got the deciding vote. If you have tried the 60th Anniversary Peep, make sure to give us your opinion in the comments!