Concrete Jungle

IMG_2023Last night I had a dream that I moved to New York City. It was very exciting! I lived in a small apartment in Manhattan and it didn't matter that it was small because I didn't bring anything with me when I moved. My first outing in the big city was to go to a frozen yogurt place and I got a small cup of vanilla yogurt filled with teeny tiny gummy bears. I was going to give it to my friend, Raquel, but in the end kept it for myself which is interesting because I don't like gummy bears. As I went to meet Raquel, I stared into the cup and the yogurt was gone but the teeny tiny gummy bears were still there but were primarily green with an occasional red and yellow that provided splashes of color. They were like gummy bear ice cream dots. Weird. Suddenly, I was turned off by them so I decided to give it to Raquel after all. She thought they were creepy but she ate them anyway.

Then, I caught a ride to the high school where I was going to be teaching. I met with all the new teachers in the cafeteria and banged my hands on the table and yelled, "This is where we are going to spend the next 20 years of our lives as unappreciated public servants!" People stared and I couldn't understand why I didn't make any new friends.

When it was time for me to go home, I realized I didn't know my address. So, I told the cab driver that  lived by the frozen yogurt place. He was unamused by my directions but, fortunately, I woke up before having to deal with the consequences. New York City is hard.

I didn't blog much which means that all two of my readers are probably wondering what I did this week when I should have been writing so I present TIDTWWISHBW vol. 1, issue 3! This will be a shorter list, not because I was more dedicated but because it is spring break and I have to go pick up my kids from a friend's house.

Here we go...

1. Yesterday, I stuck myself repeatedly in the finger with a needle or as crafters like to call it, "Felting".

2. I did ALL THE PUZZLES with Zeca. So many puzzles - 500 pieces, 750 pieces and we are working on 1000 pieces.

3. Work continues on Listen to Your Mother! We announced our cast and I can now tell you that I will be reading! You should go buy tickets right now! If you want to...if that's your sort of thing...

4. I lost my library card and spent all day yesterday looking for it which meant that I cleaned house. I never did find the library card but I found my wedding ring and a ziplock bag full of baby teeth. Terrifying.

5. Spent a big chunk of time fondly recalling The Bangles which means that I fell down the Bangles wormhole big time!

Have a great weekend and enjoy...