The One In Which I Relay Important Things...

IMG_1179It would appear that I took last week off from blogging. Chalk that little vacation up to Weather Anger and Winter Bitterness and the fact that every day with subzero temperatures and/or snow makes me snowmotional. In addition to my intolerance of the season, I have been writing offline and working on things related to Listen to Your Mother.

I also re-injured my shoulder/back/neck and spent the weekend on a heating pad and smelling like Ben Gay. ("I been gay forevah!" or feel free to insert your own Ben Gay joke here).

But there are some random things I want to share with you so I dragged my sorry self back to the computer for these news flashes (some are newsworthy, most are not - so lower your expectations):

Saturday night, Luisa and the kids went to visit friends while I limped around the house feeling like an 80 year old man. I was so bored that I peeled and ate an orange. This is of note because I do not like to peel oranges or any fruit really which is why I prefer bananas and berries. Bananas and berries are the fruits of my people being lazy people who don't like to get their hands messy. So, I had an orange and the orange was so tasty that I felt my whole life change in that moment. I might even have another one today. It's a BRAVE NEW WORLD!

Last night, I started feeling a little better and I made strawberry muffins for the urchins of Casa de Fox. I rocked those muffins like a Hunchback Betty Crocker. I was so domestic that I spent all of my dream time last night test driving Toyota Sienna Minivans. Luisa was not in my dream which even Dream Vikki thought was problematic. The car dealer was giving me the hard sell and all I could think was, "Where is Luisa? Why is she not stopping me from impulsively buying a minivan?" The other weird part was that all the minivans were green and I was totally fine with that which, in real life, I would not be. I only drive black or silver cars in real life. Dream Vikki was out of control.

If you have read this far, I want to assure you that I am not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is my brain on winter.

Now, to the truly newsworthy...

The deadline for submissions for Listen To Your Mother is this Friday, February 15, 2013!

  • Written submissions are open now through February 15, 2013. Send us your stories –
  • Auditions (live readings) will be held March 2nd (and continued on March 9th if needed)
  • The show is scheduled for May 9, 2013 at 7pm at the historic Riverview Theater in Minneapolis.

FAQ about the show

Tickets will be available soon through Eventbrite!

Videos of past shows elsewhere

Submit! Get ready to buy tickets! Watch videos! Shop for minivans!

Actually, don't shop for minivans. Well, unless you were going to do that already.

Now...who wants an orange! Peels on me!