Does Your Cat Smell Less Than Fresh?

IMG_1904It wasn't long ago that I bathed my furry friend, Momo, and, though that adventure ended with puncture wounds and a need for Neosporin, I must say that she smelled so very good for awhile. When she would curl up on my lap and purr, I would purr back and my purrs sounded like "oh my precious Momo you smell so good and I love you". But Momo is smelling less than fresh once again.

Now, I know that I have a very sensitive nose. For 15 years, I trained my nose to detect even the faintest smell of urine and it became like a super power. Take me to a grocery store and I can smell a mildly incontinent octogenarian four aisles over. But now that I have left social work behind, my super power no longer serves me and, in fact, is causing issues in my relationship with my cat.

Me: Momo smells like an incontinent old woman.

Luisa: Really? I hadn't noticed.

Zeca: You CANNOT give her a bath.

I cannot tell a lie. I briefly considered bathing her. Briefly. Half-seriously. You would too if you had cuddled her those first few days after her bath when she smelled like Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo. If you honestly say that you wouldn't be seduced by that smell then you hate babies...and clean cats...and America.

I know that is not the best option, however.

So, I am changing to a different brand of kitty litter and also talking to Momo about the importance of quickly exiting the litter box after using it. I hate to cast blame but she has not been part of the solution so far which must mean she is part of the problem.

Also...I bought kitty grooming wipes.

Yes, I have become that person.

I came home from the store today and rubbed her down with a Powder Fresh Scent grooming wipe (which shockingly looks a lot like a baby wipe) and she meowed a bit but I did not require medical attention and now? She smells like an old lady who uses a lot of powder.

This new litter and the stern talking to better work. I now understand the struggles of all super heroes - super powers are both a blessing and a curse.