A Little Blues

IMG_1675When I was 7, I began nagging my mother for guitar lessons. She endured an entire year of nagging before she decided that I must be serious. And I was - I took lessons for 8 years and then played all through college.

I've said before that music saved me. Playing the guitar and writing songs gave me an emotional outlet and provided so much comfort.

I haven't played as much since the kids were born and I miss it and try intermittently to get back to it but inevitably get distracted by a million other things.

I do love watching Zeca play, though, and I usually sit on the couch and listen to her practice. She looks to me for approval on some things and she needs me to understand her frustration with others because this is something we share. I was 7 when I began asking for lessons. Zeca is 7 now, almost 8. Synchronicity.

Last night, I sat on the couch with a glass of wine while she played "Amazing Grace" and then riffs from "Smoke on the Water" and "Sweet Home Alabama". As her practice time drew to a close, she looked over to me and said, "Maybe we could play a little blues together?"

And so we did and I recorded it.

We are not ready for a world tour but I am going to put the recording here, tucking it away as a reminder of how much music can give.