Cat Scratch Fever

It started with a simple declaration, "I'm going to finish this glass of wine and then bathe the cat." It ended with Luisa putting peroxide on the puncture wounds on my forearm and back.

I'm sure one or more of the following are rattling around in your brain:

  • "Cats hate baths!"
  • "Why would you bathe your cat?"
  • "You should never bathe a cat you horrible hater of animals!"
  • "Why didn't Luisa try to stop you?!"
  • "You got what you deserved."

So, I'm going to address these points...

  • Yes, I know cats hate baths but we bathed Momo as a kitten and it was easy.
  • I wanted to bathe her because she didn't smell as fresh as she usually does.
  • I love my cat more than I like to admit and never meant to scare her or hurt her.
  • Luisa should have tried to stop me so this is kinda her fault.
  • I did get what I deserved. Absolutely.

The only good thing to come out of this is that Miguel captured the worst of it on video. Yes, he was taking a video because he thought he was about to witness a cute little bath with our baby Momo. He was unprepared for what transpired.

Please enjoy a laugh or two at my expense...

For the record, she has forgiven me.