This is my very first video blog ever. Little known fact #1: The term Vlog actually stands for Vikkilog. Little known fact #2: Autocorrect wants to change Vikkilog to Viking. Words are so funny...and now I have a strange desire to pillage... Before you watch this short Vikkilog, I must issue some disclaimers.

1. It was not scripted (as will be obvious).

2. My lips are weird which you probably know from watching other videos or knowing me in person. This was a revelation to me, however, and now I hope to never watch myself speak again.

3. I'm sure I will get better at this. I'll probably get better. Maybe. I don't ever have to do this again.

4. Please be kind - rewind.

Shout outs to Deborah at Peaches and Coconuts and Esther because I'm wearing her sweatshirt!