Labels Jars Not People

In college, I met this pretty girl and I liked her a lot and she invited me to hang out in her dorm room and we listened to the Eurythmics and didn't really talk much. Then, at one point, we ended up lying on the floor on our backs, our bodies nearly touching, and I glanced to my left and noticed her dresser had a big sticker on it that read "Label jars not people". And I turned back to look at the girl again and thought, "That is a really dumb sticker and this girl must be a dork." Then, I mocked her a little bit because everyone knows the way to get a girl to like you is to make fun of her.

Scratch that.

Don't ever mock someone you like. That's so Elementary School Boy.

Of course, I did get the girl eventually...but thankfully, when we moved in together she didn't get to bring her dorm dresser with the sticker along.

I'm not sure why I am telling you this little story other than the fact that I want to call your attention to a giveaway at Lesbian Family that involves labels and thought this quaint tale of labels and mockery might be a good introduction to said call to attention.

I realize now that it probably wasn't.

Except that maybe you have jars to label or something else you want to label and if you leave a comment on this post at Lesbian Family, you could win labels which is more exciting than dorm room dressers, right?

If you win, we could label you "Winner" which is better than "Paprika" though we could label you "Paprika" if you want. I heart is open to all the spices, even herbs. I don't judge.

So go comment (click on the image in the sidebar to head on over) and pass the link along to others so that everyone can label jars not people.