Have a Cup of Cheer

I planned to post these videos on Friday but, like everyone else, I was overcome with emotion after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and it didn't feel appropriate to post videos of me singing with my kids. Then, I planned to post them yesterday but I spent the entire day in bed because I strained the muscles in my back and chest and was having a tiny bit of trouble breathing without pain. I couldn't sit up let alone get on the computer.

Today, I am a bit better and thought maybe we could all use a little laugh.

Luisa was out of town when I shot these videos. Apparently, she'll go all the way to Trinidad to avoid participating in my follies. So, it was just me and the kids trying to record a song for Neil's Seventh Annual Blogger Christmahanukawanzaakah Online Holiday Concert.

First we tried Snow Miser because the kids wanted hats and wanted to choreograph something. It quickly became clear that Snow Miser was not going to work and we switched to Holly Jolly Christmas which also took several takes.

You can see our final cut of Holly Jolly Christmas (as well as all the other bloggers' songs) over at Neil's blog.

The outtakes are an Up Popped A Fox exclusive!

Watch me nag the kids! See Impatient Vikki! Watch the kids bicker! Watch Miguel boss everyone around!

This is what family fun looks like in our house and, for the record, we really do love each other.