Can We Just Recap?

This was my first week of freedom and it was quite eventful - volunteering, the launch of Lesbian Family, the election, the announcement about Listen to Your Mother and many great conversations. Oh...and I took the kids to the Roller Garden, bet all my money on skeeball and walked away with a pirate eye patch. Clearly, I am living the dream. Today, I'm tired and don't have many words.There are a few things that I wanted to call attention to, however, in case you missed them in the flurry of activity around here.

1. I wrote a Seussian goodbye to social work over at Aiming Low and am pretty darn proud of it. How often does someone work bed bugs and pee into a rhyming work? Truffula trees for all who read!

2. I wrote about the election results a little bit here on this ol' blog but had more thoughts to share over at Lesbian Family. That post is more of an exploration of my feelings over the course of the whole battle. Feelings...nothing more than feelings.

3. So, I got an e-mail a week or so ago from Jessica Watson who told me that she wanted to include me on a list of inspirational bloggers she was doing for SheKnows. How cool is that? Pretty darn cool! So, go check out the Top 10 Inspirational Bloggers. I feel so honored to have been included.

That's all I've got for you today. I spent all day at a martial arts tournament and every "HI-YA!" shouted by that roomful of children was like a karate chop to the brain. So, I'm going to sit back and make sweet, sweet love to a glass of ice water and enjoy a little quiet. I'll be back tomorrow with...well...I haven't quite figured that out yet.