A Very Peepy Christmas

Thanksgiving is over and, apparently, that means it is time to talk about Christmas. I still think it's a little early but I am TWENTY THREE days into NaBloPoMo and I have to write about something, right? Or can I get a pass?

Is there a "Get out of NaBloPoMo" free card somewhere?

I don't think there is so that means that tonight I am going to talk about the new Peeps I found at Target the other day.

First up, there are Sugar Cookie Peeps dipped in chocolate. These peeps are a more faded yellow than traditional yellow Easter peeps which makes them look like they sat in a window and were bleached by the sun. They look anemic and I could imagine the artificial cookie taste (and aftertaste) just by looking at the package so I couldn't bear to buy them and taste them.

Next up, we have the Gingerbread Peeps. They are cute...happy little ginger people in a faux gingerbread house package. Look at how the little ginger peeps hold hands creating the illusion of love and community! This is where I must confess that I hate gingerbread. HATE IT. When I tell people this, they insist that I just haven't had good gingerbread cookies but I have had many gingerbready things in my life and I really believe that I can say with 100% certainty that I don't like it. So, I had no desire to put these joyful little ginger peeps in my cart. GINGERBREAD + ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS + PEEPS = NO.

Lastly, I saw the new Peppermint Peeps and I will admit that I find these peeps visually appealing. They are white and adorably speckled with red flecks which I assume give the peppermint-esque flair. They are also dipped in chocolate. Peppermint and chocolate are such a classic pairing that I was nearly tempted to buy these but resisted. I still might go back for one package just to try. I could imagine floating one of these is a cup of hot cocoa.

Seeing all these new Christmas peeps did make me long for a simpler time...a time when there were only snowmen and trees. When did life/peeps get so complicated?

Has anyone tried any of these? It's okay to admit it if you have. I won't tell anyone.