A List of Things I Don't Like

I am a Libra with a penchant for people pleasing. It's not that I don't have opinions - I do - but most of my strong opinions are about things that don't matter. I have dropped these opinions on Twitter from time to time and set off major firestorms without even realizing that I was saying anything controversial.

I ended up on the bottom of a Twitter dog pile today because of the Dave Matthews Band. Don't worry - it was all in good fun. It started when I mildly mocked someone about their love of Dave Matthews and then I had to admit that I'd never heard Dave Matthews and then a million people wanted me to listen to songs so that I would understand how wonderful he is and I listened to songs and I still don't like him.

Inspired by this experience, I decided that tonight's post would be a list of Things Vikki Doesn't Like! Exciting, right?

In no particular order...

1. The Dave Matthews Band

2. The Muppets

3. Watermelon

4. Bruce Springsteen

5. Candy Corn

6. Cavliers (the car)

7. Freedom and Democracy (I kid, I kid)

8. Blue M&M's

9. Apple Pie

10. Probably some of your favorite movies

11. Nutella

Now, I feel better but you might not since I ended the list on an odd number! Sorry OCD peeps.

Anyway, I've cleared the air. I hope that we can still be friends. Remember...I'm the same person I was yesterday...I'm still me...

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