5 Minutes Inside My Head

I love it when a gauntlet is thrown. My twitter/blogging buddy Stephanie threw down on twitter and challenged me to write a post in 5 minutes and I said, in my typical mature fashion, "I will you if you will." And she did. This means that you can blame her for the following 5 minute post: So, I am watching a couple of birds outside the window. They aren't fancy birds - they are brown birds. I don't think that is the technical name for them though. Maybe there are "brown birds" in the world but these are just your run of the mill pudgy Minnesota birds. One of them has some fluff in its mouth and I think that's sweet because it's probably going to make a little nest somewhere to keep its babies warm except that I don't think this is actually bird baby season. Now, I suspect that the bird is building a bomb shelter in my gutters which is less sweet and more evil. I just paid to have those gutters cleaned. Also, I don't want to alarm anyone but recently the cat and I heard some scuttling in the wall. I mention the cat because I'll take any kind of witness when I need one. I was sitting on the couch doing Very Important Things on the computer and the cat was lying on my lap and, in the wall behind the couch, we heard a noise. I turned and began silently pleading...please...be...the...wind. Then, the cat jumped off my lap and stared at the wall and I freaked out a little. So, I banged on the wall because that's what you do when you think something is trapped in there, right? Then, I went upstairs to do Very Important Things in bed (no, not those kind of things) because I was afraid of hearing the sound again. But I haven't heard it. The banging solved that! So, I am now mad at the bird with the fluff. Bad bird. BAD BAD BIRD.