Ants at Work

Last weekend, I was leaning up against the front of the car trying to look cool when, out of nowhere, a spider flew through the air and went down my shirt. This was not the attention I had hoped to attract and was faced with assisting the spider in exiting my shirt while maintaining the appearance of calm. I pushed off from the car and pulled my t-shirt away from my body a few times and the spider finally fell out of my shirt. I did not screech or jump up and down or repeatedly smack myself in the chest. I mention this because I want you to understand that I am not squeamish about bugs and creepy crawly things. That said, massive amounts of wriggling ants are a bit weird and, if you are squeamish about that kinda thing, you might not want to watch this video.

The best thing about this video is not the ants (though they are fascinating). It is Zeca's little commentary and the fact that she was mesmerized by finding this pile of ants on the sidewalk on our walk home. It reminded me once again that one of the greatest gifts of having kids is that they force you to slow down and be present. They make you take the time to look at something interesting on the sidewalk and wonder.