My Favorite Moments of BlogHer 2012

This was my third BlogHer. In 2010, I was nervous and lost (literally and figuratively). In 2011, I realized that what I valued most was the connections I have made and continue to make through blogging. This year, I focused on the people and had the best time ever.

The things I enjoy most about the conference are the little moments - the heartfelt, the weird, the funny. So, I am going to recap the conference by sharing my favorites with you (in no particular order).

1. As previously stated, the Voices of the Year was an incredible experience but one of the best parts was drinking celebratory champagne afterwards with Deborah, Susan and Dorothy Snarker. Champagne goes great with relief and tiny samosas!

2. Last year, Deborah and I started a little tradition of hosting an after-party in our room on the last night and LickHer was born. This year's party included a cornucopia of cocktails! Can you have a cornucopia of cocktails or is a cornucopia leaky? Tuck that question into your folder labeled "Questions for the Ages".There was a hotly contested game of spoons (not really - I totally dominated that!), balloon animals, charades, and a spontaneous performance of songs from Grease 2 by probably the only two people who saw that movie.

The party lasted until 7:45 a.m. and I'm pretty sure the guests only left because Deborah fell asleep. There are videos but they are locked away in a vault and Deborah is the only one with the combination and she has already received enough hush money to buy a yacht.For a good time call: Stacy, Laurie, Deb, Sarah, Jenn, Karen, Faiqa, Andy (and, of course, Deborah and Susan). For a good game of spoons call, me.

The only bad things about LickHer2012? 1) It ended and 2) We only slept 1 1/2 hours before getting up for brunch.This is the "good" picture. The bad one is in the vault.

3. Now that I know not to eat my way through the expo hall, I enjoy walking through there with Deborah - primarily for the photo ops. I love dumb photo ops because I like to laugh.

4. I first heard of JC Little through her writing and drawings on Aiming Low. She was doing cartoon swag at BlogHer and graciously agreed to draw me. It was incredible to watch her work and she made me look cuter than I ever could in real life.

5. I witnessed a giant plush character fall out of an elevator. She was a big white box with a face and had purple and black striped arms and legs and big black shoes. The elevator doors opened and she toppled out. She laid on the floor and couldn't move for quite some time while the elevator doors repeatedly nipped at her legs and her handler laughed. Eventually, she emerged from the costume with assistance - her long blond hair completely disheveled - and said, "I thought the elevator was going to eat me!"

6. Possibly the most hilarious thing of the weekend:

[blackbirdpie url=""]

I was talking about my new eucalyptus deodorant and suggesting that I was gonna get some koala lovin' and Deborah felt the need to caution me. Apparently, koalas will cut you. We laughed and slapped our knees because we are so very funny and, unfortunately, this was during a panel. I was afraid we would be the first women ever kicked out of BlogHer.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Trying to butt-grind a pushy Canadian off the dance floor and felafel. Those were separate incidents. I might have not been so annoyed with the Canadian if she had offered me felafel. Canadians are obviously stingy with their felafel.

So many fabulous people. So little time.